The deal is done

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anita and I exchanged our craft projects yesterday and we are both really pleased with how it turned out. Or pleased is the wrong word - I just love, love, love the crochet beret that she made for me!

And a little update: Anita sent me a photo of the bag after she pimped it up with the crochet table runner (such a cool idea!) and she also wants to tell my readers that she really loves the bag :)

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3 kommentarer

  1. I didn't know those two documentaries were coming out, so thanks for the heads-up! The beret is wonderful -- great trade. :)

  2. And did Anita love the bag as much as I did? Her beret is wonderful - such gorgeous colors and I bet it helps keep you warm.

  3. >>Antoinette: Hope you get to see them! I'll keep my fingers crossed that they will appear as DVD:s or downloads.
    >>Luckylibbet: She did! And we are already planning more craft trades