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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe one of these posters could hang in my new sewing area?

Currently my days revolves around work, moving/packing up and not much else. I'm getting pretty exhausted so to keep my spirits up I've started to day dream a little about how I would like my new sewing area to look like. A nice poster is one option, another would be an inspiration board. A wall decoration was impossible in our last place since my table was facing the window, so I would like a little something this time. The blog Inspiration boards has collected many nice inspiration boards with accompanying interviews with the owners.

Yvestown's inspiration board.

From Simply photo.

And maybe it's a bit of an overkill, but I am also tempted to make something out of a sewing themed fabric, perhaps a little drawstring bag to store the current project and it's notions?

Fabrics from Superbuzzy and Repro Depot

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6 kommentarer

  1. Not sure if it is the same Inspiration Boards site I bookmarked a year or so ago, but the one I fell in love with stopped getting updated last April-ish! Anyway, we just moved, too, and I'm trying to sort out the sewing space. Can't wait to see what you come up with! How was your move?

  2. Awesome posters. I'll take one of each!

  3. >>Antionette: All in all it went well, esp considering that we didn’t have any movers, just three friends. But if I have to assemble one more IKEA-furniture I'm going to have a nervous breakdown! Re inspiration board blog, it's probably the same, but there are some small updates recently

  4. Went to an art school in San Antonio yesterday and saw these huge twin inspiration boards in one of the locked studios. I took a photo to show you through the window in the door but it's hard to feel the scale of ceiling-to-floor -- it was amazing! There was a note on it from the professor that said, basically, she worked really hard on the board and if you take something from it, put it back! Very cute.

    Anyway, here's the link:

  5. >>Antionette: I love the size of that board. I want that wall space! Thanks for the link :)