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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The circle coat it is! The fabric and the practicality of this design seems to be what won people over. The victory was something of a landslide - 11 votes against 4 for the blue one. A big thanks to everyone for casting your votes. This was super exciting, I kept checking my e-mail all day at work (like I didn't have other pressing matters that should have gotten my attention!).

The suspension was however driving me crazy at times. When Christina casted the first vote for style A I was like "yeah, of course the blue one is the best choice". Then a whole bunch voted for the circle coat and I started thinking
"yeah, of course the circle coat is a more exciting choice". Then people started voting for style A again and I was like; "So A is the best style after all". A thought that was quickly followed by a conclusion - I gotta stop checking my e-mail every five minutes! I think my reactions was pretty telling on how indecisive I was about the coats. So your opinions was a very helpful thing.

Also I got a few questions in the comment box that I will try to answer.

Mary Nanna said...I'm intrigued by the band detail on coat B, with the 3 circles on it. How does that work exactly?

Oh, it's not that intriguing I'm afraid, it's just the placket folded open (I think need to work on my illustration skills...)
I plan to either use just snaps or a combination of snaps and a zipper for the fastening.

kbenco said...B looks as if would cope better with serious rain, and the fabric is terrific. I enjoyed looking at the fabric site. Is it a breathable waterproof or a coated fabric? I wish I spoke Swedish.

It's a coated fabric, the backing is a polyester interlock and the coating is a PVC-free plastic. Sadly it won't be breathable, so I plan to put a few ventilation eyelets under the sleeves. The fabric is however extremely durable and doesn't loose its water resistance over time. I also plan to seal the seams with tape. And yes Stoff och Stil (translates to Fabric and Style) is as awesome as it looks. Twice a year I get a 150 pages thick mail order catalog featuring their own range of fabrics, patterns and notions. And everything is so well presented. I really think they should expand their business (they currently only sell to Scandinavia).

A spread from the Stoff och Stil catalog.

luckylibbet said....Both look pretty difficult to me - good luck!

Thank you! Yes I think it will be a bit tricky, both the sewing and the drafting. I have never drafted a two part raglan sleeve before or a hood for that matter and never sewn this kind of fabric before either. I will buy a teflon foot for this purpose. Ideally I would like to get a walking foot, but Bernina has the courtesy of charging an obscene amount for it. I don't want to buy a presser foot that will cost me half the prize that I payed for the actual machine. We have a saying in Sweden that roughly translates to "What you lose on the entrance fee you can regain on the carousels". I think Bernina is applying this business model to their spare parts range.

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5 kommentarer

  1. Aaah! I missed this completely! Oh, well. It doesn't matter! You know I'll be looking forward to your pattern drafting!

  2. I think I forgot you were a reporter! I was a journalism major and worked as a reporter for a few years before I got sucked in to working for the man.

    I can't wait to watch you draft this! I'm still in awe of your Anthropologie button pants.

  3. Looking forward to your entry! You will show the pattern pieces in the review?

  4. Now I like this coat better. Ha ha! It's all about the power of persuasion.

  5. For the record, I liked them both and would have been excited to see you make either one! But this one is a more practical choice for rain, I think. :)