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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I started drafting the pattern for my raincoat this weekend. But I still don't have much tangible result to show - it's mostly trial and error at this point. Yesterday I drafted a hood for instance, only to realize that the shape and size was all wrong for what I had intended. All the pattern books I own was originally written in the 80's and there are some oversize trappings in them. So today I started fresh, using a hood from a Burda jacket as a guide and drafting instructions from the Metric Pattern Cutting book.

I've had similar struggles with the raglan sleeves, so at this point all I can say is that the proof will be in the muslin. But I don't feel like making seven muslins this time, that's for sure!

And tomorrow is my (well, not so) big race! I picked up the number tag today, so now I'm very committed. Haven't run a mile in two weeks though, due to travel and illness, but it felt really good last time I ran so I still feel pretty optimistic. The only issue is that I am by default a very competitive person and the time will probably be something of a disappointment. But I really need to let go of emotions like that anyway, so it will probably be a good thing in the end. And since this is a sewing blog, I want to mention that I'll be decked out in some home sewn running gear, most likely some old stuff from the classic Kwik Sew book. I'm just not a very fashionable runner to be honest :)

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5 kommentarer

  1. Let me check my book when I get home tonight and see what they have for hoods. I can perhaps send you a scan if you're still looking.

  2. Good luck with your race I'm sure you will do just fine, don't mind about the clock so much it's important that you are there!!!! and those fabrics are beautiful:-)

  3. Yeah, I don't believe your home-sewn running clothes are not stylish. Your self-drafted patterns are more stylish than most clothes people wear! Good luck!

  4. Good luck on the run! I personally have not run since 1983, escaping a mugger, but have lots of respect for those who do... and I'm sure you'll look stylish. How could you not?

  5. >>Cidell: Thank you for the offering, I will mail you.

    >>Marita: Thank you! Yes I really need to stop obsess about the clock. I had planned to buy a stop watch, but now I think I will pass it.

    >>Antoinette: They are not really hip, no. If I had sewn them today I would probably have made more of a design effort, but these functional fabric things just last and last. And thank you for your encouragement!

    >>Luckylibbet: Oh a mugger, that sounds really really frightening. Glad you got away. I don't know how I would have reacted in such a situation, maybe I'd just be paralyzed by fear. Running away sounds more resourceful.