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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Printed cotton lawn and striped seersucker cotton shirting.

Black silk/rayon jersey and red cotton poplin.

Soft black powernet and stretch lace ribbon.

Coming home from a trip can be such a strange feeling. I've been back in Sweden since Tuesday morning, but today is the first day that I feel truly at home again. There has been a lot of adjustments for sure, even though I was gone only four nights. Also I caught some strange bug in England, that left me with a slight fever and some nauseousness for a few days.

Anyhow, today is a national holiday so I was able to take some pictures of the fabrics that I purchased in London. Shopping with Melissa was so much fun. We really hit it off - really nice to have someone you can talk about sewing for hours with and it turned out that she was a music buff too. Goldhawk road in Shepherds Bush was also truly a treasure, the selections was great and the prices excellent. The stores are lined up next to each other on a short strip so everything is very convenient. They were all really crowded and brimming with fabrics. Pretty different from most Swedish fabric stores where the selections are very edited. On Goldhawk road you really need eyes like a hawk if you know what I mean, because some of the gems were well hidden, there was some really nice silk and wool jerseys for instance.

I think we visited around five stores and I ended up buying four fabrics. I wasn't really looking for a binge and also I was traveling with just a rucksack - you have to pay an extra fee to Ryanair if you check-in your luggage. So that was a good incitement to keep my shopping in check! You can see some of Melissa's purchases over at her blog. She then took me to a great notions store just off the High street (Oxford street) MacCulloch & Wallis. Though I only bought some large snaps there.

I am so grateful that Melissa showed me the good places. Exactly how fantastic Goldhawk road is became even clearer when, after we parted, I checked out the inner city fabrics stores on Berwick Street in Soho. Everything there was at least three times as expensive compared to Goldhawk road. I know that the rents are probably three times as high in Soho, but I know what I rather be paying for! The department store John Lewis I liked though, and found the red cotton poplin there which will become a shirt for my boyfriend just like the ones Kraftwerk are wearing on the cover of The Man-Machine.

The stretch lace is from a haberdashery store in Soho called Kleins, again very expensive, but this lace doesn't have the flossy fuzzines that most stretch laces does, so I just had to buy it - I've been looking forever for something like this. I also went to Liberty but was so overwhelmed by their fabric selection that I ended up buying nothing!

Overall I'd say that London is a great town for buying fabrics and notions, the fact that there are lot of designers and fashion schools in London are really reflected in the wast offerings. Melissa told me that Goldhawk road is a #1 stop for many fashion students because of the good prices and great selections, and we did see loads of them during our Saturday morning visit.

But the sewing will have to wait, I need to get started on the pattern for my rain coat.

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5 kommentarer

  1. Way to dsiplay those gorgeous fabrics!

  2. Yes! Love how you draped the fabric on your form! We get a much better idea what they might really look like as clothes. It's so crazy how the airlines charge that extra bag fee, but probably better for our wallets!

  3. Nice display is right! Lovely fabrics especially love the lace. Hope you feel better.

  4. Beautiful fabric purchases! So nice you had a great trip, and hope you are feeling better.