Giorgio Armani documentary

Friday, August 28, 2009

Although we got plenty of cable channels in Sweden, we are not spoiled with fashion television. But the other day the Swedish state network outdid themselves by first showing Signe Chanel and then a great documentary about Giorgio Armani. Giorgio comes off as total perfectionist with his hands in everything and he reflects a lot on that in the movie.

He is also very candid about what it entails to be a big name designer and the pressure, and sometimes loneliness, that comes with it. The documentary is more a portrait of a man than a fashion documentary per se. So there is not a lot of talk about the actual design process, but you get a great insight in the life of a designer.

I have googled like crazy to find a version with English subtitles but to no avail. But if you are a Swedish reader or understand a little Italian (there is also English in the movie) you can check it out here (only available today, so please hurry!). ETA: Christina pointed out that you can't play it outside Sweden, dang!

Also if someone can direct me to a English version please drop me a note. The documentary is called Giorgio Armani - A man for all seasons and was made in 2001.

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3 kommentarer

  1. Oh, dear... another fashion documentary for me to watch. I'll let you know if I track down any info -- sometimes Sundance Channel or the Independent Film Channel on cable air fashion-related documentaries. I really enjoyed Signe Chanel!

  2. BTW, when I click on the link to watch the movie, it tells me you can only watch it if you are in Sweden. That's okay, I can't translate Swedish that fast anyway, although the caption with the last picture cracks me up!

  3. >>Antoinette: Oh Signe Chanel is so great, this was actually the third time I saw it.

    >>Christina: Thank you for pointing this out, I suspected it, but couldn't find any info their FAQ page about limitations. And yes that caption is just so hilarious, cool that you could crack it!