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Sunday, August 02, 2009

I am working on a few knitwear designs that I plan to sell in the autumn, probably through Etsy and/or other similar sites (like the European version Dawanda). The line will be small and made to order, just three or possibly four styles and with only a small production run. The focus will be on time-honoring versions of cardigans and sweaters, i.e. pretty classic designs - but with some special detailing. From what I can tell that is a niche that isn't overtly tapped into when it comes to the market of handmade clothing. Plus knitwear makes sense to produce at home, since it's usually less labour intensive than many woven garments.

The main reason for taking this step is that I feel a need to point my creativity in a new direction. My wardrobe is getting full, but I still want to keep sewing and develop new ideas. Of course this project might not work at all, but at least I want to give it a try. I also plan to blog more about this experience when I get the ball rolling. The images above are snippets of two of the designs that I'm working on.
Knee stabbing scissors, attacking cutting mats and the hazards of ironing in a tube top. Read those and many other sewing related horror stories in the comment section in my last post. A big thank you to everyone who shared their injuries.

Also congrats to Anna for winning the The Fashion show. She was my bet as you might remember, but I was wrong about her being the most cohesive one. Instead she chose a more risky path with very diverse (but still strong) pieces. I loved her use of ethnic influences and her palette was for the most part spot on. So she definitely deserved her number one spot. But I was really disappointed that we didn't get to visit the finalists at home, which I think is yet another misstep on Bravos part when it comes to providing a connection between the viewers and the contestants.

Speaking of fashion reality shows, Project runway Australia has just begun. Loved the first season, and the new episodes looks very promising.

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4 kommentarer

  1. Girl, I cannot wait to see your line! You've made some decisions I've taken a few months to see the wisdom in -- should have hired you to consult me and saved the time and energy! Thanks for the sneak peeks. These garments look beautiful.

  2. Good luck in your new endeavor. I hope it goes well for you.

  3. Can't wait! I've got some sweater knit that I've been waiting to use! My only patterns are from the 1960s and I'm worried about using them (will they look old and frumpy?) but I'm pretty sure yours will be awesome!

  4. I'm sure you will be very successful. Your plan sounds very do-able and realistic.
    Your garments are always stylish. I wish you all the best :) and I look forward to reading your progress.