Dressing for the cameras

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Remember the quiz show that I talked about ages ago? Well tomorrow morning I am heading to the tv-studio to film it. I don't know when it's going to be telivised, they shoot a whole weeks worth of shows in just one day. And if worse comes to worse I will only be on for a few minutes (if I fail to make it through the first round). I suppose you can't see the show outside of Sweden, but I will at least supply some screen shots and goofy captions here on the blog!

Anyhow, they sent me a long list with instructions on how to pick clothes for the cameras and apparently neither stripes, dots, white or black is recommended - which rules out about 2/3 of my wardobe! I guess dots and stripes don't work well with the camera and black and white makes you look "plain". Instead they advised me to "dress colourful" which is going to be tricky, since I wear mostly neutrals and I don't want to stand there like a lightning rod, just because I'm on tv. So I need to decide on that today. Right now I am leaning towards this blouse, hope the print is not too busy for the cameras.

I'll be back tomorrow with a report on how it went and hopefully I can sneak in some mobile pics from the set. Don't know how regulated it will be. See you tomorrow!

A note for Swedish readers. The show is Vem vet mest? med Rickard Olsson. They are apparently always on the lookout for female contestants, so if you are a female and up for some quiz show appearances you can apply for it on their homepage.

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7 kommentarer

  1. That sounds like fun! Wear something colorful and have a great time.

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! Best of luck to you--I hope you win!!

  3. >>Gwen: Thank you, I am still fretting over the clothes choices! Need to revisit the wardrobe and see if I do have something that isn't black, white or blue.

    >>Kyle: Thank you so very much, I hope I win too, I like winning! But the ones who make it to the final are way better than I am, so I need to get lucky with the questions, ie get a lot of sewing and fashion questions :-D

  4. I am not going to underestimate your brain! Pretty blouse, too. Good luck and have a great time!

  5. >>Antoinette: Thank you for the vote of confidence! In fact I have a tendency to sometimes overestimate my brain, lol! But I did watch Fridays show and shouted out the answers as quickly as I could, and it went okay. Though there were a lot of stuff about Grecian mythology and literature, which is left me totally blank. Should probably brush up on the classics instead of browsing the internet.

  6. Good luck and have fun. Yes wear something bright.. maybe a nice bright pink or turquoise would look good :)

    Post as many pictures as you can.

  7. Oh, the stress of what to wear! You made a good choice. Lycka till!