Roxy t-shirt in organic cotton

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am slowly working on adding new designs to my shop, and this is the first one - a sailor striped t-shirt in black and ivory organic cotton jersey. I really want to work more with organically grown cottons since they are much more eco friendly than the regular kind. Plus the quality of the organic knits that I have bought over the years has all been of excellent quality, with only exception that I can think of. And this striped jersey is just wonderful, so soft and comfortable, washes very well and is a little more substantial than regular t-shirt fabric. I named this one Roxy because I was thinking new wave in the early 80's when I made it, and will wear mine with my super skinny "can't really breath" waxed black jeans and Converse type of sneakers.
Parting shot. While I was taking the photos my daughter came into the bedroom to see what I was doing so I did a couple of shots with her too. In this one the brief was "look tough" and I think she did a much better job with that than I did! 

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7 kommentarer

  1. Wow wow looking great. At a first glance, it looks to me like it will last for 10 years of wear. Then I read your description. Now I'm thinking that it might last beyond that.

  2. I love a striped T. Very nice.

  3. Such a great photo of you and your daughter. Stripes are awesome. They never go out of style (kind of like all the other Floremark designs)!

  4. Ser helt underbar ut! Har du tips på var man kan köpa kvalitativa tyger någonstans? Någon webshop?

  5. I love the look of stripes with jeans.

    Wonderful picture of you and your daughter.

  6. Thank you guys! A

    >>anonym: det finns tyvärr inte nån som har allt, men är bra (fast det kostar) och MG tyger har en del bra kvaliteter tycker jag till bra pris (men beställ prover först, för det kan skilja en del)
    Och förstås, de stickar sina egna trikåer.

  7. Hi Johanna, I'm Asa and I love to read your blog from time to time - very inspiring!

    I'd love to work more with organic fabrics but find it hard to find in stores around where I live, in Biella, Italy. I haven't been any luckier finding anything interesting online either, so I was wondering: do you by any chance know of a good, preferably European, webstore where they sell organic fabrics?

    Thanks a lot for a very interesting blog. Keep up the great job!