A London find

Friday, May 07, 2010

I really should be posting photos from the London trip, but selecting and editing almost 100 photos is exhausting! I uploaded two dozens yesterday on Facebook, but that only covered around half of the trip. So it was actually easier to take a quick photo of my new tunic dress from ethical label People Tree, bought at the John Lewis department store. The fabric is handwoven in Bangladesh in a fair trade set-up. You can even see some of the handwoven irregularities in the striped fabric which just adds to the charm of the fabric. People Tree is a decidedly mass market label, they even have line with Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame, but some of the garments also has an artisan vibe, without being overtly hippiesh (not that it is anything wrong with hippies, I love the late 60's, but you know what I mean). I will keep my eyes on this label in the future.

And as a parting pic you get me looking all chipper in the John Lewis dressing room.

...while Anja suffers from intense boredom.

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4 kommentarer

  1. Love that picture of your daughter on the dressing room floor! And I love that you went to John Lewis, regardless (as you should!).

  2. Hehe, she is even reading the tube map. That's how bored she was :)

  3. Cute dress! Also love the pic of your daughter on the dressing room floor. You can really see what she was feeling like..:)

  4. >>Stephanie: Yes, that picture pretty much sums up her emotions on all things fashion and sewing related, so no fabric shopping this time around. That would probably have traumatized her for life!