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Friday, October 29, 2010



I used to be an avid sewing competitor on Pattern Review (and did the now defunct Timmel Swap before that). Not so anymore, let's just say that I got too much on my plate as it is. However I have (after some deliberation) decided to do an Etsy related competition. I belong to a team (ie Etsy seller network) called Indie Free Spirits and they regularly arrange competitions for their members. And the current one is aptly called Best song ever. The brief is: Create a piece inspired by one of your favorite songs ever, then photograph it, then list it on Etsy. 

I have several favorite songs, and one of those is The Model by Kraftwerk, as I think it's an optimal song in many ways, that set the standard for modern electronic pop music. Plus after listening to this song for over 25 years, I have yet to grow tired of it. And it's fashion related, which makes it even more fun. 
So that is what I am doing. I am not expecting to create a sensation here, making good looking clothes based on songs is not easy, let's just say that going literal is not necessary a great idea, unless you are doing a t-shirt with a screen print of the lyrics or something like that. While I have done that before, this time I want to a design a garment from scratch.

One of the components that I had initially planned for was the pleated silk, but after much researching (pleated silk it doesn't seem to hold water wash very well) I will probably make gathers or pin tucks instead. It will most likely be in red and black (based on the album cover) or grey/black and possible look a a little early 60s (like in the video). Nothing too fancy, as I want to it be in line with the rest of my things for Floremark. The deadline is the November 12, and hopefully I can start sometime next week. Though I still feel really lost about what design I will actually make. But since I am now blogging about it, it feels like I have made a real commitment to this project.

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  1. Sounds fascinating! Will be interesting to see.