An exercise in restraint

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Like many sewing fantastics I suffer from a fabric shopping addiction. There is no way I would ever find the time to sew up all the fabrics I crave. Unless I quit my job(s), sell all my possessions (except my fabrics and sewing tools of course) and move into a shed.

But somehow fresh fabrics are always much more exciting than the ones that are hovering in plastic containers deep down in my closet. I am aware of my addiction, but still I find myself always prowling for new fabrics. I also like to apply some twisted logic on my purchases, like that some fabrics simply has to be bought because they are so unique. Though my criteria for unique is loose to say the least, and pretty much applicable on every kind of fabric. 

Anyhow, yesterday I faced my demons once again and visited the twice yearly local fabric fair. And man did I find some fantastic fabrics, especially the ones in wool. I kept touching, lifting, asking, fondling, crunching numbers, going away, returning, going away, returning. I could easily have blown a huge amount of money there. But somehow I didn't. I just bought a small rotary cutter, some rickrack and on my way out I stumbled on a real find, narrow tube knitted soft grey wool, that I will turn into a scarf.

Still I can't let go of that navy double knit wool that would turn into a perfect cardigan jacket or that 2 meter wide (!) marled plum wool jersey from Italy. Or that....

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6 kommentarer

  1. Looks like it is a great fabric fair! Funny how your longing for the fabric you didn't get lingers after the high from facing your demons is long gone.... Why does it always seem to work that way?

  2. You are not alone! I need to control my addiction as well and I have much more space for it to take up than you do!

  3. Oh, I admire your restraint, well done! I have a fabric shop just around the corner of my house and then of course there's online shopping 24 hours a day on my laptop....
    I haven't commented on your blog before but I bought one of your Olga blouses on Etsy last summer (Australian) and it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing. Keep writing, keep sewing... you are an inspiration!

  4. That looks like an amazing fabric fair. I too admire your restraint.

  5. Antoinette: It gets better every time, it's not huge but the selection is great. I know the feeling, and I can't explain it either!

    Nancy K: We are sisters in this addiction :)

    Jane: I feel my restraint is just temporary! And way cool to hear from a customer, thank you for your very kind words!

  6. Minnado: It was really good this time, and I still can't let go of all the fabrics that I didn't buy