Red Olga

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Red Olga - sounds a bit like a secret spy code, doesn't it? Again I am working with organic GOTS-certified  cotton jersey. My aim is that the lion share of Floremark's fabrics should be organic and/or locally produced. There are still way too little organic options on the market and I feel that I can fill a little niche in that regards.

The new Olga will be up in my shop soon I hope, listing on Etsy is always a time consuming task.

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5 kommentarer

  1. That's a great spy name, and a great shirt and color on you. Nice one!

  2. The Olga blouse looks lovely. I love a bit of red for cheering up winter dressing. I am currently saving up for Christmas lego but maybe after that I can start saving up to buy an olga blouse! Hmmm's a close run match.

  3. That bright red color makes your blue eyes shine even more. Beautiful!

  4. Thank you guys, and Minnado your Lego vs clothes comment just keeps making me giggle!