Silk crush

Monday, October 25, 2010

If I say I could achive a similar result using hair perm fluid, a microwave oven, a radiator and a baking oven, would you believe me? While I can't personally vouch for this method, according to this link it will work (I especially love the warning "While working with the microwave and baking oven, the windows should be OPENED WIDE! You will need to keep the air circulating in this room to get fresh air!" )

I really want to permanently pleat some black silk for a project I will soon blog about. But this method sounds scary, plus I'm not sure my boyfriend will allow me to use his precious microwave for this project. I guess I could simply skip the step of telling him, that is always a nifty strategy, but since I think he still reads this blog from time to time (and I am so daft that I write about this beforehand, could we call this blogger stupidity?) I guess this project is doomed.

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6 kommentarer

  1. I too have serious doubts about this method. I never heard of a microwave that worked while it was open.

  2. Hehe, I think they mean the windows and not the oven, but what if the silk/perm fluid mix explodes?

  3. Scary is the word! There is a place in Sydney that will pleat fabrics, including ultra fine pleats. Claudine (Adventures in Couture) blogged about a method that involved washing and twisting last year?

  4. Wow that's a beautiful gown. Still, I'd be willing to sacrifice my micro -or grab a 2nd hand one for the purpose - just to be able to produce such a garment. Much thanks for your enablement!

  5. This seems like a really clever method. Silk is basically the same as hair, so it makes sense that perm solution would work well (it re-arranges the protein strands into a new position). If you have non-alkali perm, it'd suit the silk fibers better. I need to check out my local beauty shop..

    Lilian, I think this is clearly a translation artifact, she means keep well ventilated at all times, not try to run your microwave with its door open.

    I have tried with some success pleating polyester in a microwave, using heat alone (which won't work on silk). Of course, that's a bit tricky as there's a fine line between limp polyester not heated enough, and fire risk.. Still, pleats are fun, I encourage everyone to try. And you can dab some dye on the pleats too, to add to the shibori effect. Whee!

  6. Marie-Christine, thank you for insights. I suspected the same about the perm solution since both silk and hair is protein based. You have given me new confidence in this method