Movies worth waiting for

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My current fashion movie obsessions that I'll probably have to wait quite a while before I can see them.

The new documentary about street/celebrity photographer Bill Cunningham.

The movie about legendary fashion designer Halston - Ultrasuede: In search of Halston

And finally the Vidal Sassoon documentary, the story of the hair dresser behind several iconic hair cuts and a big saloon and product empire sounds intriguing. This one is at least available for pre order.

We don't have something like Netflix here in Sweden and we can hardly buy anything with moving pictures from the Apple store, due to regional distributions limits. So all I can do is wait. 

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3 kommentarer

  1. The Bill Cunningham documentary is, as Mr. Cunningham would say, MAH-velous!

  2. These all look like they'll be great!

  3. I got sick of waiting for obscure DVDs, so I purchased an all-regions DVD player. Now I often order DVDs from Japan or Europe. Maybe you could try that. I use Amazon UK a lot.

    Just a thought.