Saturday, September 03, 2011

In Sweden we talk about cupcake-blogs, which stands for blogs that sugarcoat life and only show the pretty things, usually written by young women who likes to eat macaroons and cupcakes. Today is my time to do some cupcake-blogging and a little parental bragging at the same time. Hope you can stand it ;) This is my 12 year old daughter's first attempt at cupcakes, and I was pretty floored when I saw the result. She has such a flair for this sort of things, a trait the she hasn't inherited from me, that's for sure! Plus they were absolutely yummy. Sometimes cupcakes are more for the eye, and hide a rather bland muffins underneath, but these were great inside and out. The cupcakes were for my boyfriend's birthday which we are celebrating today

Oh, and he got the best present from his brother - a ZZ Top mug! They were pretty huge in Sweden back in the 80's, like the ultimate cool band. I wonder if they are still around?

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5 kommentarer

  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! ZZ Top is still around, but I don't think they've released anything new in quite a long time. Happy Birthday to your BF.

  2. Please, please send some of these deliciuos cupcakes to Poland :)Although they look so beautiful that eating them may be considered as a crime against art. And of course happy birthday to your boyfirend.

  3. Mmm those look so good!
    ZZ Top plays at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally here in South Dakota nearly every year, they don't have new stuff but they're still around playing concerts and being awesome.

  4. Ah, thank you for the heads up on ZZ Tops wherabouts!