About me

me in my sewing corner
Hello! I’m Johanna Lu, a Swedish long time sewist. Making clothes is an obsession that I have had since I was 11 years old and made my first pair of trousers out of a vintage bed sheet. I loved how special my me-made clothes made me feel, like I had found some magic formula that could help to define myself.


Burdastyle sheath dress with double collar

Now of course I am much older and perhaps no longer in search of an identity. But I still get an immense feeling of satisfaction from making my own garments and it is the one passion that I never seem to tire of. I’m self taught when it comes to sewing, but have studied pattern making and I make a lot of my own patterns. By day I work in the media field, currently as a communications officer at a large organisation. I am very fortunate to be able to write, photograph and do graphic design for a living.




I am also a bit of an exercise fanatic, who have tried various sports including roller derby, road biking, running and triathlon. Right now my focus is mostly strength training, yoga and using my bike to commute to work. Not terrible exciting, but I am happy as long as can at least engage in some form of physical activity on a pretty much daily basis. I also design and sew much of my own workout wear.I also have a YouTube-channel which you can check out if you want to learn more about me:

If you are a company and want to collaborate on some fun sewing project: Check out my media kit