Working with what I got

September 19, 2015 No Comments

Working with what I got

September 19, 2015 No Comments

For over two years I’ve been under a self imposed fabric shopping ban. Okay, I cheated a few times (mostly buying wickaway fabrics for my workout clothes) but for the most part I have been consistent with my non shopping policy. Usually it works out just fine, but sometimes there are some compromises. I think I have hit one of those roadblocks now. I saw this lace blouse in the May issue of Burdastyle and thought it would the perfect pattern for a black burnout voile that I have in my stash.

But on a closer inspection it turned out that I don’t have enough fabric. So I will have to splice and the only viable option I could find was some black silk. I will use the voile for the sleeves and a yoke, and let the silk cover the bodice. Not quite what I had hoped for (and there might be some issues with the front pleats when using two fabrics) but I will keep my resolve and plow forward!


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