Workout shorts sample

November 27, 2015 3 Comments

Workout shorts sample

November 27, 2015 3 Comments
Yoga shorts

This is the shorts sample for my work-out set. For a while now I’ve been working on perfecting my workout tights pattern draft. I figure that if I get this draft right I will be able to produce a multitude of styles, using the same pattern. Leggings without a side seam should be like the simplest style ever, but I’ve done so many samples in an attempt to get the perfect fit.

I guess the reason is that my wishlist is so long….

Yoga shorts

My workout tights wishlist

A great fit around the waist.
No muffin top and a wide shaped waist band that doesn’t hit too high or too low.

No camel too!
And it’s not just an aesthetic thing. Having a seam cut in your crotch is not a nice feeling.

No sagging around the knees
Another issue I’ve had with my samples is getting the fit tight enough around the knees. Obviously this sample wont give me hint of the fit around the knee. But I’ve feel hopeful I’ve nailed it now.

Tight fit around the ankle
I don’t like it when there is too much ease around the ankles. I want my tights to be snug all over, but not so tight that it keeps the blood from moving!

No sagging fabric under the butt
Whenever I make or buy pants I always end up with plenty of excess fabric under my butt/the upper legs. I can think of no other explanation than that my butt is not really compatible with pants.
If you want a visual of my pant fitting issues here is an old example of my pant fitting woes and how I improved them.
And even when wearing workout tights I still end up with some extra fabric in the behind. I mean how is that even possible?!

Yoga shorts

Anyways, with this sample I think I’ve achieved a fit around the tush that I am happy about. Only issue now is that I made the thigh cuffs too high, so they cut into my butt and subsequently creating some minor under butt wrinkles. The reason why I choose cuffs over simply hemming the shorts are that they make the legs less prone to ride up when I exercise. I think this might be my fifth attempt at drafting tights. Oh, well, upwards and onwards!

P.S. I discovered today that my blogging template was not as mobile compatible as I thought it was, so I’ve changed the template and did some redesign in the process. Hopefully the new blog layout will work for everyone. Just chime if not. I also switched to snippets on the start page instead of showing full posts for the same reason, i.e. to make my blog better for smart phones. Feedback on that is of course also greatly appreciated. 


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  • Ann November 27, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    I'm truly impressed with ALL of your workout wear. I wonder, are you using a gusset or not? I am terrible at fitting so am no expert whatsoever, but I've read that having a gusset makes workout tights more comfortable. I just started the Sewaholic Pacific Leggings pattern which has one, but I haven't finished them yet. I know, one is supposed to be able to whip up a pair of leggings in one day, but I never manage to whip anything up, ever. Everything is more than one sewing session for me, somehow. Anyway, just curious! Thanks for all your interesting posts.

    • Johanna November 28, 2015 at 9:31 am

      I'm not using a gusset for these particular shorts, but once I'm 100% happy about my draft I will do a version with gussets too. I really like the look of Sewaholic's Leggings, and it has smart solution for the the pockets as well. I've got limited experience with sewing with gussets, the only on I've tried so far was Kwik Sew 3988, and I found the assembly a bit fiddly, but that could be because I was using a flatlock seam. I'm a several sewing session person too, and if I sew for too long in one day I start to make really silly mistakes 🙂

  • Ann November 28, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    I had terrible trouble understanding the Sewaholic instructions for sewing in the gusset. But my aunt, who is an excellent sewist, was just visiting a few days ago and helped sort it out for me. Although I feel like I should do another one very soon, before I forget how! The basic gist was to do one side of the diamond at a time, and once you get that first side in, in theory things will fall into place. Before my aunt arrived, I looked online and in my sewing books and didn't find a satisfactory tutorial anywhere. I did discover that the Jalie Cora tights have an excellent video on the Jalie website that walks you through the entire construction, but the gusset is a triangle not a diamond. I guess when it comes to sewing I need things spelled out for me more exactly, so it didn't really help me with my Sewaholic tights. However, I now am tempted to buy the Cora pattern too!

    Anyway, good luck with the rest of your process!

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