Weekend sewing plans: Burdastyle romper

July 2, 2016 No Comments

Weekend sewing plans: Burdastyle romper

July 2, 2016 No Comments

Burdastyle romper inspiration board

After nearly two weeks without a working serger/coverstitch machine I finally got all my gear up and running again. That includes having to purchase a stand-alone Janome coverstitch machine (that I will review here once I’ve used it properly).

So since I both got a newly serviced serger and a new coverstitch machine I thought making something in knits would be the perfect quick and easy weekend project. The Burdastyle romper is for my youngest kid and is something she has been asking for like forever. So when the May issue presented a romper I ran out of excuses! Though her version will be a bit different since she wants a t-shirt and not a tank top. So I plan to do some frankenpattern stuff, merging the trusty old Burda 7916 t-shirt pattern with the shorts from the Burdastyle romper.

She also has some pretty specific ideas on amount of ease, how much the bodice shall cascade over the drawstring casing and the perfect length of the shorts. As you might guess, I’m a bit nervous about this one, since she is so super specific and making a pattern for the first time you never quite know what to expect. Luckily she has provided some garments to help me with getting the fit and look right. 


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