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Sewing workout leggings Stoff Stil

The workout wardrobe project continues. The tank top is done and next up is sewing a pair of workout leggings in three different moisture wicking fabrics. I feel ready to up my leggings game and merge all the stuff I learnt from trying out different methods and drafts in search of the perfect leggings pattern. Since the range of moisture wicking fabrics available locally has increased substantially lately, I can finally sew workout leggings that are more fashion forward and that’s exciting! The three fabrics for this project are all from the Danish fabric chain Stoff & Stil. They have shops in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany and sell online in all these countries, and in the UK too! Also have they best and most inspiring print mail order fabrics and pattern catalogue I’ve ever seen, so if you haven’t already, I recommend checking them out.


These leggings will have side pockets and I also plan to add a pocket in the waistband. I love (and need!) pockets in my workout wear and I’m happy that several of you responded that you too want these when I asked for feedback regarding an ebook for sewing activewear.

If you want to know more about my workout wardrobe project you can check out this video where I talk about all my planned activewear projects:


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