A week of sewing in February

- Life of Johanna, work in progress

Sewing comes in ebbs and flows for me. But usually there is a little something going on, even though I’m far from super productive at all times. So lets take a look what a week of sewing looked like in early February.


I added hooks to my Burdastyle gabardine trousers. I love handsewing because I can sit in the sofa and watch TV at the same time. Much more relaxing than sitting hunched in front of a sewing machine. My husband got me hooked on the South Korean variety show Crime Scene where celebrities solve murder mysteries and the audience can participate too. Let me tell you, the Koreans have new media all figured out. And one day I hope to do a sewing version of another Korean phenomena, Mukbang. Basically live streaming some crazy sewing project and chat at the same time with fellow sewists, like a virtual sew-along!


I began editing part 1 of my sewing activewear Q&A. I am very fortunate to have access to Adobe Creative Cloud through work and it allows for installations on two computers. This will however no longer be the case once I switch jobs in early April. So I’ll have to fork up some money if I want to continue to use first class software for all my editing and graphic design. Not sure how I’ll solve this.

Anyways I love the editing part the best and if I had the time I would put even more effort into things like graphics and stuff. But in order to keep a consistent schedule I have to limit myself a bit. By the way, a huge inspiration is sewing vlogger With Wendy. I love how well produced her sewing videos are.


I finally got to hem my Burdastyle trousers. I always flatlock the edges and then use the machine blind hem foot when I do invisible hemming. So easy and sturdy. I usually let the hem touch the floor when barefoot and hem that length. I was once told by a tailor that it is quite common to be uneven on the left and right side, so proper hemming should take this into account. I don’t do this tough, since it is hard to judge that on myself. Do you take left/right differences into account when sewing?


This was the day when I had planned to pick up my Spoonflower order. But I was on a work assignment and got stuck in another city the whole evening due to some train incidents and didn’t get home until around 10 PM in the evening.


I finally got to pick up my Spoonflower order. Was more than happy when I opened the parcel. The colours where spot-on and the quality felt good. My only quibble is that it is printed on white and that shows when stretched out and pierced with a needle.


Video time! I recorded and edited a video where I talked about my first Spoonflower order. I wanted to record this one quickly since I had planned to start cutting into the fabric during the weekend. The first times I made videos I was absolutely exhausted afterwards, both from speaking and stressing about all the technical stuff. It has gotten much better, but speaking English is still a mental struggle. It’s hard to explain, but I can feel how my brain works in overdrive searching for the right words, unlike when I’m speaking Swedish, which obviously comes more naturally.


On Sunday I finally got started on my workout set. My goal was to finish the Burdastyle top in one day and I nearly met that goal. I also cut out some pieces for my leggings since I was using the same print and only had 1 meter. So everything had to be carefully planned. Took me a good while until I was confident enough to cut in the fabric.

So this was my week of sewing in early February. A nice thing about having a blog is that helps combat the feeling of “I never seem to get things done”. The proof is in the blog!

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  • Reply
    February 24, 2017 at 3:49 am

    You speak English so well. I’m surprised that it is a mental struggle for you. The words just flow easily.

    • Reply
      February 24, 2017 at 10:29 am

      Thank you! I’m happy that it doesn’t show, that has been my biggest worry. Hopefully it will get easier and easier. In Sweden our English reading and listening skills are good generally, but we don’t speak it much on a day to day basis.

  • Reply
    February 24, 2017 at 8:40 am

    Hej! Jätteinspirerande att följa hela din “syvecka”. Precis som du säger så kan man känna att man inte får nånting gjort, men med bildbevis så ser man att det faktiskt händer saker.
    Nästa vecka börjar jag ett nytt jobb, hoppas verkligen det blir mer tid över för sömnad nu, för jag har absolut INTE fått nånting gjort på länge. Inte ett stygn tex på det som inte blev klart på sy-lanet i januari.
    Dina spoonflower tyger ser också jättefina ut, jag har sytt en t-shirt till en kompis i samma tyg, med hans eget tryck, men den var så oversize att det vita inte alls lyste igenom, utom lite i sömmar o vikningar. Annat jag sytt med tyg från spoonflower har ibland bleknat i tvätten, men inte den här kvaliten. Det är ju fördelen med konstfibrer 😉

    • Reply
      February 24, 2017 at 10:33 am

      Hoppas du får mer tid nu! Att kombinera jobb med ett intresse som man verkligen brinner för och vill utveckla är verkligen inte lätt alla gånger. Kul att höra dina erfarenheter av Spoonflower, jag vill verkligen beställa mer tyg nu men bra att veta om färgbeständigheten på naturliga material.

  • Reply
    February 24, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Hi Johanna! I suffered severe hearing loss as an infant, so I find it hard to hear and understand most of what people are saying, BUT I have no problems with your videos. You speak English so well! I have learned so much from you and am happy to be part of your facebook group. Thank you!

    • Reply
      February 26, 2017 at 11:46 am

      Thank you! That makes me very happy to hear, I don’t want to leave anyone out due to hearing loss and other causes! Perhaps it helps that I speak slower due me not really having a flow in the language?

  • Reply
    February 26, 2017 at 1:12 am

    I agree with the others, your English is just fine! I enjoy your videos and blog posts immensely and have found them quite helpful. So now I’m going to risk my limited Swedish and say takk så mycket!

    • Reply
      February 26, 2017 at 11:47 am

      Thank you Joanna! How very nice to read some Swedish on my blog, with an å and everything 🙂

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