Next up: Knock-off leggings for Anja

- Sewing activewear, work in progress

With me and my children it’s a bit of cobbler’s children situation going on. Once in a while ask they me to make something for them, which makes me excited because I like making stuff for them and am also flattered that they appreciate my craft, even though they are teenagers with very specific tastes. However those projects have a tendency to be postponed for what seems like an infinity as I tend to put myself first when it comes to sewing. But a few weeks back they both asked me, again, to make some workout leggings for them. Aah parent guilt can bite sometimes…

So I knew I had to make it a priority. Plus it will also involve two new patterns for me, so more opportunities to hone my skills (i.e. selfish reason).

Until yesterday the plan was to make an exact replica of my ultimate leggings pattern for Anja, but then she came and asked if I had already had begun with the leggings (well, you know, not quite yet). And if not, would I consider making a completely different pair instead? Then she showed me the leggings in the image above from the brand Even & Odd and wanted to do a version of these instead, but with black fabric instead of mesh.

I have to say they look really cool, and I could totally see myself wearing these too. Also, they are a little similar in construction to my new Spoonflower/Sloan leggings, so I know I can pull it off with my new Babylock serger.

So this is what I will work on this weekend! And hopefully lift some of the parent guilt off my shoulders at the same time!



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