Next up: Spoonflower print workout shorts

- Sewing activewear, work in progress

It’s time to whip some new workout clothes and hopefully I will keep improving the activewear skills that I’ve worked hard to acquire. First up is a pair of workout/running shorts using my own sports jersey Spoonflower design. This project also marks a return to my own leggings draft after a few projects using commercial patterns. The patterns were good, but the hassle of fitting a leggings pattern is actually quite substantial for me so I will stick to my basic custom leggings pattern for while again and just tweak that. I’m currently developing a better fitting crotch on my base pattern so I will make a few samples before I cut the real deal pricey Spoonflower fabric. I’m also adding a wider waistband on these shorts as I’ve been wearing my drawstrings leggings a lot lately and realized I really love the wide waistband on them.

I’m also sticking to using a band instead of a regular turned and stitched hem as a band just sits so much better on my thighs and Jalie’s Cora short leggings version also has this solution. When it comes to shorts riding up during workouts, a folded band or silicon leg stoppers has been the only things that has worked for me. Silicon makes the fabric stay put completely while bands ride up less than a regular hem. So that’s what I will be working now on for a bit!

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