Live on Sunday: Sewing trousers – let’s share tips & tricks!

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It’s time for another livestream Sunday. And the topic I’ve chosen this time is sewing trousers. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m no expert in this area, even though I’ve sewn dozens of pants over the years. I’m still struggling with certain parts, to be honest. But I figured we could all help each other out: Sharing our best tips and tricks and of course, ask questions – I know there is some great collective knowledge among you guys!

Topics for the chat

  • Fitting pants
  • Sewing waistbands
  • Fly fronts
  • Pockets
  • Book recommendations and other resources such as blogs, courses and other stuff
  • And whatever else that comes up!

When: Sunday 22th October. 8 PM Central European Time/2 PM US Eastern Standard Time (unless I’m missing some daylight savings). Your local time will be shown on the YouTube stream homepage.

Where: Direct link to the stream 

Also, I would love if you filled out the survey below so we that we can get some talking points for the chat.

See you on Sunday!
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