Fun stuff on Patreon and a lofty goal

August 30, 2018 No Comments

Fun stuff on Patreon and a lofty goal

August 30, 2018 No Comments

Can I do a bit of a plug for my Patreon page? I’ve got a lot of cool things going on there at the moment, such as monthly samples from my coverstitch book + a jeans tutorials video series that will take you through the entire jeans making process. I just uploaded part two of the jeans series, showing you how to make front and back pockets look immaculate, using some really nifty tricks that you won’t find in sewing books or in the instructions of a regular jeans sewing pattern.


And if you are a Modiste or Couturier supporter, you can also look forward to some very meaty September coverstitch tutorials as well (hint: there will be troubleshooting guides!).

Plus if the stars align and I don’t work myself into a hole, I have another cool project planned that my patrons will be the first to know about.

Getting your support is incredibly important and validating, and I’m so grateful to all of you. As I’m writing this I have 39 patrons, which is the most I ever had <3


My current struggle is that I have literally pages and pages of ideas of sewing stuff that I want to create. Things that are both educational, encouraging and entertaining, that I think could be of benefit to the sewing community, including three more book ideas in areas that I feel are under-served.


But since I work full time, my time is limited and only allows me do a fraction of all the things I dream about. Now this is the realities of life, and I’m blessed with having a great day job. That said, I do have a dream, which is making the sewing content creation financially viable enough so that I could do a day job part time, perhaps working four days instead of five? And use the rest of the week to create sewing content. Yes that might not sound like a big lofty goal to anyone else, but to me, just writing this out loud and sharing it with you here makes me feel vulnerable.


I used to be more brave and bold in my dreams and actions, but life, age and all the responsibilities that adds up, well those has made it really hard for me to put myself out on a limb. But in four years I’m turning 50 and if I could wish for one thing, it would becoming a braver and more self-assured version of myself.


Maybe all this will just remain a pipe dream, but there is something powerful in writing down goals and sharing them. So while I had some (a lot!) of trepidation writing this, I think it might be an important first step on a journey that hopefully can lead to some, and much longed for, changes.


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