5 tutorials on sewing with knits

September 21, 2017 2 Comments

5 tutorials on sewing with knits

September 21, 2017 2 Comments

In the spirit of Sundays upcoming liveshow about sewing with knits, I decided to compile five personal favorites among the tutorials on sewing with knits that I’ve done over the years. So here goes in no particular order!

How to sew stretch lace Sewing tutorial Last Stitch

Three ways to attach stretch lace

In this tutorial, I test three different ways to attach stretch lace (zigzag, coverstitch and serger flatlock) to see which method(s) that works the best.

Attaching twill tape to a neckline tutorial

Attaching a neckline band to knit tops

This was one of my sewing goals for 2017, to finally figure out a method that gave me decent results. This one is super simple and is by far the best one I tried so far.

Top tips for sewing neckline ribbing

My top tips for sewing ribbing

This is a super nerdy blog post where I go deep into the subject of sewing ribbing and even give you some suggestions on best percentages for different ribbing applications.

The ultimate guide to coverstitching

This is one of my favorite tutorials since I don’t just share my own tips – I also interview an expert on the subject. I go deep into troubleshooting and how to make do when you have a crappy coverstitch machine. I wrote this one before I upgraded to my current coverstitch machine.

How to sew a casing on a jumpsuit or a romper

This tutorial is the result of me studying how they do casing for elastic in ready to wear and then trying to copy the method at home. I thought this solution was very clever (not my idea, I just copied it) and not something I’ve seen in sewing patterns, so I figure it would be worth turning into a tutorial.

Also, if you want to chat more about knits please come and hang out during my livechat on Sunday.

When: Sunday 24th September. 8 PM Central European Time/2 PM US Eastern Standard Time

Where: Direct link to the stream (you can sign up there to be notified) The time shown on YouTube will be your local time, so no need to convert!

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  • Faye Lewis September 21, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    Johanna thanks so much for these tutorials, I’m such a knit lover. I’ll be watching Sunday!

    • Johanna September 24, 2017 at 1:28 pm

      Hi Faye! I’m working on my show notes now for tonight, lots of things to talk about. Hope to see you there!

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