February sewing bits

February 12, 2019 5 Comments

Hi everyone! Hope everything is going well! For the first time, I tried the “escape to the sun” thing and went to Gran Canaria (Spain) for a week-long vacation. That was seriously amazing, what a luxury, and I loved every…

December sewing bits

December 4, 2018 No Comments

  I’m on a sewing high again! As I’ve mentioned before, I recently went through a sewing slump, triggered by jeans making and general sewing content creation overwhelm (launching a pattern line, working on my coverstitch book, etc). But now…

November sewing bits

November 8, 2018 2 Comments

So the first snow came in late October, just minutes after this photo was taken. But it still feels like autumn in Sweden, even though the days are getting really dark (which I never get used to). October was a little…

I’m doing a newsletter

August 23, 2018 1 Comment

Today I pressed publish on the first edition of The Last Stitch Dispatch, a monthly newsletter that I have started. If you have subscribed to get updates from me, you will hopefully already have gotten the newsletter. If not, you…

August sewing bits

August 9, 2018 13 Comments

Today is my birthday! Yep, I’m turning 46 today! I’m struggling to write something profound about this mid-term age, but overall life is good. Speaking of ageing, I heard a guy on a podcast the other day saying that he…

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