Color blocking project

November 7, 2015 No Comments

Color blocking project

November 7, 2015 No Comments
Workout set: Color block

I love the look of color blocked garments and I’ve done a few myself. But mostly they have been really simple, like a contrasting yoke or sleeves in another color.  But for Pattern Review’s color blocking competition I decided to go outside my comfort zone and do something more challenging when it comes to design and construction. It’s easy to go crazy with the ideas when you don’t need to think about how to sew the pieces together. But making geometric shapes that also will go together easily when sewing, well that is a whole another story.

I spent a good amount of tinkering last night (while drinking my Friday night mojito) but didn’t like any of the designs I did. So I went to bed and slept on it. After breakfast and my now daily 5-minute morning meditation ritual (which is shockingly effective for releasing new ideas) I did the design for the top in less than 30 minutes. Then I went to yoga class, which turned out to be more like a 55 minutes long meditation class. Came home and did the shorts in like 20 minutes. Sorry if I sound totally woo woo here, this is so not me usually. But I seriously think that all this meditation today has been helpful in the creative process. Or maybe it’s akin to being being tipsy and getting struck by grandiosity. So when I check my blog tomorrow I will be like – what was I thinking when I thought this design looked good?.

Oh well, only time will tell. But for now, this is the project I plan to make. I initially wanted to make a running dress, but then I got struck by a cost per wear realization and decided that separates would yield a lot more use, especially since I don’t even run currently due to an injury.

I won’t start making this until the 15th (when the competition starts). But when do I will make this an active wear sew-a-long, sharing some tips and how-to’s along the way if all goes to plan.

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