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December sewing bits

  I’m on a sewing high again!

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently went through a sewing slump, triggered by jeans making and general sewing content creation overwhelm (launching a pattern line, working on my coverstitch book, etc). But now I’m back to sewing for pleasure and have had a couple of fantastic Saturday sewing session which has resulted in two workout tops that I absolutely adore.

I started a sewing podcast on Patreon

On a whim last week I recorded the first episode of my new monthly podcast, which is available to my Patreon supporters. It’s a very personal podcast about my sewing journey and how it relates to other things in my life.

In this first episode, I address some of the struggles I felt launching my pattern line and also share my thoughts on everything from why it’s important to protect our hobby time to the value of meeting fellow sewists in person. Become a Patreon supporter and get access to the podcast!

I’m doing only handmade gifts this year

This is not something I do a lot, as I’m protective of my sewing time. But this year I feel really excited about sewing gifts for family, i.e. my two kids and husband. I have not started as I’m writing this (nothing like a tight deadline, heh), but all projects will be fairly quick I think.

Mostly loungewear (from Ottobre magazine primarily), but I will also make a few of my own patterns, so they can expect both beanies and mittens for Yule-gifts. Several of the gifts will be made in dialogue with the recipients, as I rather have it that way then making a wild guess and not getting it right since clothes are such a personal thing.

Only one interview left for the book

This weekend I did the second to last interview for my coverstitch book, talking to a mentor who has helped me so much on my own coverstitch journey. She shared so much wisdom and tips that I’m dying to share with you. Plus she also gave me some great leads on what will be my final interview, which is with a sewing machine mechanic.

Apparently, there are two guys here locally who are “sewing machine magicians” that other sewing machine vendors call when they can’t fix a problem themselves. So hopefully one of those guys will be up for an interview about the mechanics and service needs of a coverstitch machine.

So that is my sewing life currently. What are your plans for December? Do you have time to sew, or is this a month that is too packed with other things, so that sewing will have to take a backseat?

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