Live on Sunday: Master the serger

August 21, 2018 No Comments

Live on Sunday: Master the serger

August 21, 2018 No Comments

It’s time to start with the monthly YouTube livestreams again. This time I tackle a subject that I for some weird reason feel kinda self-conscious about, even though this is probably my most used machine. Yes, I’m talking about sergers! Perhaps my hesitation comes from not talking too much about my knowledge about this machine? Plus for the first few years, I was kinda scared of it. But that was like 15 years ago, so I think I need to get over that self-doubt and start talking about sergers 🙂

Topics I plan to cover in the livestream:

    • My own serger journey
    • Tips for getting the best seams
    • Best stitches for different projects
    • Trouble-shooting tips
    • How I use my serger
    • Securing and unpicking serger seams

Plus whatever else comes up in the chat!

And if you haven’t already, I would be thrilled if you subscribed to my YouTube channel!. And if you also hit that Notification button you will more likely get notified when I post a new video and have a livestream out.

When: 26th of August at 8.P.M CET/2 P.M EST

Watch: Link to the live stream (Your local time will be shown there)

Hope to see you there on Sunday!


P.S 1. If you are Patreon supporter, I’m currently making a Patreon exclusive jeans vlog series about sewing jeans available for all tiers. I just uploaded the first episode where I talk about how to adapt jeans sewing patterns for a more professional finish.

P.S 2. I’ve begun uploading some mini-tutorial videos on my Instagram’s IGTV and my Facebook page. Today I uploaded a video with some fundamental coverstitching tips, that will fix a lot of common problems. And last week I demonstrated five ways to use a tailor’s awl. It’s a fun challenge to make tutorial videos with a mobile-first perspective, and I think I might do more since I have gotten some nice feedback on my first mini-videos. So follow me on Insta and Facebook if you want to get more of those videos. I have a bunch of more topics planned!

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