Pattern drafting / Video

Live: Pattern making

On Sunday I’m doing a new liveshow on YouTube. The topic is pattern making, the one sewing related thing that I actually have a diploma in!

Topics I plan to cover in the livestream

  • How I learned to draft my own patterns
  • The basics of pattern making
  • How I draft my patterns, by hand vs computer
  • The difference between drafting a sloper and using blocks
  • My favourite pattern making books
  • Common pitfalls when drafting patterns
  • And plenty more!

Plus answer your questions in the chat, share tips and all that good stuff! Hope to see to see you there on Sunday!

When: Sunday 25th February. 8 PM Central European Time/2 PM US Eastern Standard Time (unless I’m missing some daylight savings). Your local time will be shown on the YouTube stream homepage.

Where: Direct link to the stream

See you on Sunday!

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