Watch the Livestream: Sewing knits on A Sewing Machine

Here is the replay of Sunday’s livestream about sewing knits on a regular sewing machine. We covered a lot of topics in this video, including the best stitches for different type of knits. how to prevent the fabric from stretching out, good sewing machine models for sewing knits, plus what needles and other notions one should use when sewing knits on a regular sewing machine.

We also had a great discussion about the limitations of a sewing machine vs a serger and a coverstitch machines, and we also talked about instances where a sewing machine is actually preferable.

In the video, I also mentioned a quick guide to sewing machine stitches that I have created, which you can get access to here.

I felt that this was a very important topic to address since not everyone will be able to invest in a serger and/or a coverstich machine. I also find that a lot of info about sewing knits on a sewing machine is a bit too simplified and doesn’t always apply to real-life scenarios. So in order to be successful, especially with trickier knits, one really needs to employ good techniques, use the right notions and settings, and also understand the different fabric properties.

So I hope that you found this video useful!

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