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My quest for independent craft and fashion magazines continues and yesterday I finished reading the Australian craftzine Mixtape. This petite fanzine (petite as in having a handy format) has been published for over two years now and the current issue (nr 9) is filled with first person stories about creativity, green living and craft activism.

My favorite piece is about a women who sewed together loads of those colour coded selvedges that some home dec fabrics have. The fabric she created is just beautiful, all those numbers and colour dots looks very intriguing when put together. Another cool article is the refashion challenge where two people have been given a budget of $20 to go out and buy thrift store garments and then refashion them. Though the photos of the finished outfits are so small that it’s hard to see the details. In addition there are a also couple of craft projects and Q&A interviews with crafters in the magazine.

All in all I have mixed feelings about this issue of Mixtape. On one hand I love the format, the ambitions, the personal tone – and the design is just terrific. But for me there are just too many first person stories of various quality from bloggers and not enough else. And the Q&A interviews are probably done over e-mail as there are no follow up questions. Personally I prefer more conversational Q&A-interviews, or at least less formulatic questions. I guess I’m not the target audience for this kind of zines and I suspect that my taste is a bit pickier since I am a journalist myself. But that’s not to say that you won’t enjoy it and it definitely does a good and inspiring job showing what goes on outside the mainstream.

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