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MMAY16 in moving pictures

The main purpose of MMMAY16 was not to take daily outfit photos, but to examine our relationships with our handmade wardrobe. That said it was easy to get caught up in the game of documenting the outfits. I hadn’t planned to take daily outfits, because I felt it could be both stressful and repetitive. But then I got bitten by the outfit photo bug too and the quest to make them in different ways. Some people do amazing visuals with a great impact on Instagram, which really inspires me. And while I’m comfortable with photography, I can be pretty square in my thinking when it comes to creative visuals.

Therefore I decided to play a bit with video, because that is something I feel very passionately about right now and want to learn more about. So during May I did a few video clips too of my outfits. Some were more elaborate than others and one was downright dangerous (I think you can guess which one!). What I learned is that moving garments can really add another dimension compared to stills and I think it’s safe to say that fashion images will make an even bigger switch to moving in the future. Perhaps when we visit our favorite pattern sites, a movie rather than an illustration or a photo might be the first thing we see. And then we have to click to see the still or an illustration of the garment. It seams a bit overkill, but I think this is the way we are heading.

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