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My Me Made May 2016

Instagram @laststitch
Instagram @laststitch

So I’m taking part in this years Me-Made-May’16-challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with this challenge it’s about encouraging people who sew/knit/crochet/refashion/upcycle garments to wear and love those garments more. The most hard core version of this pledge is to only wear me made garments for all of May, but you can pretty much design your own pledge around these general goals. For me wearing only handmade for a month would be pretty simple I think, as the majority of my wardrobe consists of home made garments at this point.

However, even though I’m only on day two of this challenge, I’ve already discovered two gaping holes in my me-made wardrobe: Black cardigans and trousers (including jeans). The latter I’m about to begin fixing in May. But I think the reason why I don’t sew black basic cardigans is that they don’t feel very exciting to make, at least compared to making something out of a printed fabric or something in colour.

I’ve actually been on a me-made only quest for about three years now. It all began when I became flustered (and frankly a little disgusted) by all the fabrics I had amassed over the years. So I decided to go on a clothes and fabric shopping fast. Not a proper ban, I mean I don’t want to bend myself over just to be able to commit to a promise that no one but myself care about. But I wanted to shift my focus from always looking towards the next shiny object and instead look at what I already got and work from that.

And I will say that it has really changed my mindset and fabrics in my stash that previously had lost its luster, now suddenly seemed interesting again. And that phenomenon is not just limited to fabrics. I’ve also applied the same principles to my pattern stash. So instead of buying new patterns, I’ve been using old Burdastyle magazines as my main source of sewing patterns. Which has made discover many pattern gems that I had previously overlooked, as I only wanted to make stuff from the latest issues. In fact several of the patterns I’ve used during the last few years has been around 10 years old, but they still feel right for me.

And that brings me back to my original point of this post. My pledge for May is not just to wear something me-made every day, but also to rediscover those handmade garments that has been relocated to back of my wardrobe. Just like I rediscovered the fabrics and my patterns in my stash.

I will document my pledge with outfit photos on my Instagram. Perhaps not every day, as it might be both stressful and a bit repetitive. But I will do my best to make my posts as varied as  I can!

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