Sewing a decorative neckline band on knit tops

For this knit top ribbon neckline sewing tutorial you’ll need: A narrow decorative ribbon. It should be slightly wider than the seam allowance (I recommend a 1 cm width (3/8 inches). Twill tape, grosgrain ribbon or any type of stable woven decorative ribbon will work fine. I used a woven rustic ribbon with a pretty yarn embroidery. Needle and thread for basting Your regular sewing machine and presser foot 1. Determine the length of the band To make the sewing as easy as possible I recommend that the band runs from the edges of the shoulder seam allowance, i.e don’t sew over the seam allowance as this is a bulky situation that might not yield the prettiest results. The tape should be the length of the back neckline seam allowance plus 1 cm width (3/8 … Continue reading Sewing a decorative neckline band on knit tops