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Next up: Burdastyle silk/cotton blouse with piping

I need more blouses! I recently had to let go of two old me-made blouses that was literary falling apart and not just in the seams. One was almost 10 years old and the other one was around 5 years old, so they both lasted a good amount of time. But still sad, because I loved them and wore them regularly until the end. So part of the mourning process means planning for some new blouses that can fill the gap. For this project I will actually use a tried and true Burdastyle pattern and do a second version that is pretty similar to my first version.



This is my first version of the blouse, using sand washed silk with some gorgeous piping I picked up in Lisbon. I plan to do something similar with an aqua green cotton/silk sateen fabric and add some white piping to the collar. And to my joy a Swedish sewing merchant has begun selling the exact same piping as the one I bought in Portugal. I highly recommend this piping that is made of thin twisted threads and has a distinctive vintage look.

By the way, sateen is one of those fabrics that can be a bit moody, as they have a tendency to snag when hit by a needle and leave pulled thread marks on the fabric. Do you have any tips on how to avoid this issue?


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