Sewing activewear / work in progress

Next up: Spoonflower workout leggings

I will spend pretty much the entire fall sewing workout clothes and currently, I’m working on two different leggings styles using the custom print Spoonflower fabric I designed earlier this year. I’m batching this project, i.e doing both leggings (one pair of capris and a pair of shorts) simultaneously. Not usually a fan of batching but I’m also sick of having to switch settings and thread on my machines constantly, so I think this is a good change regarding my workflow. Not that I have much of a workflow currently because I’ve busy doing so much else that I’ve literally had no time to sew for almost two weeks. I miss it and I don’t like having half finished projects looming over my sewing desk. So the plan is to put the pedal to the metal and go full throttle this weekend and finish up both sets of leggings. Sewing leggings is usually a quick make, but I love putting a lot of detailing and insets and stuff, so they take quite a lot of time to make. Fingers crossed that I can get this done – I love the feeling of finishing a sewing project and I would like to feel that feeling-

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