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Next up: Burdastyle’s Anita jeans

Burdastyle Anita skinny jeans
I’m not doing these because they have excellent instructions or are right on trend. Nope, I picked this pattern because the jeans fits me really well. And after a pretty torturous attempt at making a pair of the Cora leggings that fit, I will not dig myself into that hole again now for a while now. Instead I’m gonna rely on a TNT pattern for once. And I can even consult my own jeans tutorial series that I did when I last made these jeans. So hopefully I won’t mess this project up, plus I will need a very smooth sailing if I’m gonna finish these in May.

I’ll use some designer denim (I can’t believe I just used that word!) that I picked up on my fabric shopping trip in Copenhagen earlier this year. G-Star is a brand from the Netherlands that has some pretty cool denim designs that seems to be of nice quality, 

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