Sewing activewear / work in progress

Next up: Workout tank top with knit binding

It’s finally time for garment number three in my fall workout wear collectionI’m making a pretty elaborate tank top using a base layer type sports fabric from the Stoff and Stil sports collection (it looks like it is sold out now, unfortunately). The top will have a built in bra, an open detail in the back, side panels and plenty of knit binding. I will use my number 1 nemesis for this project, i.e. the Janome Coverpro binder attachment. Last time I used it on an activewear fabric I had to resew the neckline binding six (!) times and it still didn’t look good. The binder hates soft, slippery knits and the result is an eyesore.

To be honest, I get better finishing doing single layer binding using my regular old sewing machine. BUT. I will try to master it now and I’ve gotten some great tips from people, including using a piece of lego, a toilet roll, and blu-tac! Can I tell you how much I love the imagination and problem-solving skills in the sewing community?


So in true Last Stitch style, I will try all the tricks and report back to see which ones that actually work. I should also say that the binder attachment works well with a pre-cut cotton interlock knit that I buy from a seller locally. It’s the self-fabric stuff that is my biggest struggle.

Also, the Spoonflower leggings and shorts in this collection are mostly done and you can get a peek of the shorts over at my Instagram account.

Wish me luck with my battle against the binder attachment!

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  • Angela
    September 23, 2017 at 5:31 am

    I can’t wait to read your followup to this ! Love your blog 🙂


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