A space of my own

April 7, 2009 10 Comments

My new sewing corner. I occasionally get asked how I manage to sew so much. There are many reasons to that, such as making it a priority (frequently at the expense of other hobbies, like exercising and reading). The sewing…

New curtains

April 6, 2009 5 Comments

Linen curtains with pleated hem. I think this is the first time a home dec project makes it into my blog. The reason is simple – I don’t find sewing home dec all that enjoyable, loads of grinding work and…

A pattern perfect stool

April 5, 2009 6 Comments

We visited a recycle/refashion center today and this little piece of furniture just begged to be brought home to our household (although I don’t think my boyfriend heard the stool’s call quite as loud as I did…). The pattern tears…