Next up: Ringer t-shirt from Burda

August 7, 2018 No Comments

Next up: Ringer t-shirt from Burda

August 7, 2018 No Comments

Time for part 2 of my 90s inspired basics wardrobe. A ringer t-shirt, which I would say is my favourite style of t-shirts and very much an iconic style, especially during the 1970s and 1990s. I was not familiar with the term ringer t-shirt until recently, but it refers to using contrasting binding on the neckline and sleeves.


Speaking of knit binding, it can be tricky to sew. In fact, even professionals can struggle with it, as I learned when I visited a garment factory for my coverstitch book. The machine operator was showing me how their coverstitch/binder set-up works, and she too ended up with skipped, broken stitches on the first try!

Failed professional binding. The machine operator said I should take a photo so that I could show you! 🙂  The cause of the problems was that a student had threaded the machine a tiny bit wrong, as always meticulous threading is key when it comes to coverstitching.


Since binding can be kinda tricky, I have in my book Sewing Activewear: How to make your own professional-looking athletic wear​ illustrated step-by-step tutorials for four different methods so that you can pick the method that suits your sewing style and equipment the best. For this ringer t-shirt, I’m using the Binding with trimmed edge method from my book, it’s a great non-bulky method that is perfect for a wider binding.

And if you have a coverstitch machine and a binder attachment, I highly recommend that you check out my tutorial for How to succeed with the coverstitch binder attachment.


The pattern I’m using is Burda T-shirt Pattern 7916 that is sadly out of print, but worth chasing down. The draft is great and it has both male and female sizing in the same pattern.

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