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September Sewing Bits

In this month’s round-up post I have a little sneak peek of my first ever garment sewing pattern, a tip on how to refashion old shirts, plus a curated collection of my sewing essentials!

Jeans that I lined with an old shirt.

Turning old shirts into lining

I’m trying to be better about sustainable sewing, and one way of doing that is to reuse more materials. One of my favourite ways is to use old cotton/poly poplin shirts for lining trousers. Cotton/poly mixes are fantastic for lining pockets, super durable and no wrinkles. Plus shirting fabric often has really nice designs that look great as lining. 

So last week there was a shirt clearance sale at my local thrift store and I bought three, really awesome quality shirts, for not much more than a song. These will be turned into various pocket and waistband linings for upcoming trouser projects.

Shop my favourite sewing things

Looking for the best sewing notions, the sewing books I would not want to be without and the best tools to improve your sewing? I just opened my own Amazon storefront, which is a pretty cool feature that they offer to bloggers and such. It’s similar to the Amazon affiliate program, i.e I get a small kickback when someone purchases from my affiliate link. 

But the best feature of this shop is that it looks like an actual store, with categories and everything nicely organised into one place. If you like to check out my favourite sewing things, you can head over to my new Amazon store right now. 

I’m working on a sewing pattern

I’m currently about ⅔ done creating my first ever garment sewing pattern. By the way, hats off to all indie pattern designers that manage to put out sewing patterns regularly without a big team, it’s so much work, which you don’t really realise until you start doing it. 

Plus I want to make everything super easy to understand and follow, and also offer many design options so that the pattern can be used over and over, but in different versions. I’m a big believer in having tried and true patterns that we know ft, but I don’t like sewing the same style over and over, so this is a way to address this. 

I’ve also enlisted the help of a professional pattern maker to inspect the pattern and do the grading (I’m starting with 10 sizes, but that range could totally expand if there is an interest).

Hopefully, sometime in October, I’ll be able to share more about it, and I would love if some of you would want to test the pattern. I’ll keep you updated!

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  • Vivian
    September 12, 2019 at 10:59 am

    What a wonderful project you are embarking upon! I am sure that drafting a pattern from scratch must be an unbelievable amount of work. I know how much work it is sometimes to do drafting on a professionally designed pattern just to put in your own measurements. Good luck in your project !


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