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Sewing bits June

✂️ Me-Made-May came and went and it was very inspiring to see all the sewing creativity going on in the world. People have mad skills for sure, I was blown away every day! As for myself I made a pledge to finish three garments in May (which I almost kept). Last year I realized that my handmade wardrobe lacks basics, so I have made a real effort sewing more of those. My Back to Basics wardrobe was fun, and I think I will do more projects like that in the future.

This year I noticed a lack blouses in my wardribe, because I’ve had to let go of several lately since they were literally falling part due to wear and tear (I still mourn them). Luckily I finished two blouses in May and I will probably do a few more in the future.


✂️ I’m finally making some progress on my activewear sewing book. One issue I’ve struggled with is time (don’t we all?) and another is deciding on all the things I want to include in the book (the list keeps expanding). But I’ve decided to put a cap on my content now and focus on getting all those tutorials and content produced. And then keep the rest for a possible part 2! And I will do my best to avoid dodgy English and get some professional help with editing the book! I have also decided on the book design (the pic above is from a design sample I’m working on). It will be an e-book at this point, but if there is some interest and financially feasible I might do a print later. But right now I just need to test waters first and see if there is a market. Also Melissa Fehr is doing a book too about sewing activewear (with a big publisher). That one will be a print book, with patterns as well. So that is something to look forward to. Hopefully it won’t be too much overlap and we can’t have too many sewing books, right 😉


✂️ Also I have started a Patreon page if you want to support my work creating sewing content for all you guys. The amount starts at only $1 a month and you can pick whatever monthly amount you want. A lot of content creators uses Patreon these days and I think it a great system. So if you feel like it, I would be beyond honored. I want to make sewing content that is both helpful and relatable and that will hopefully inspire you on your own sewing journey. And to keep it real and share the bad stuff too, which I think is super important in these days of glossy images on Instagram (I’m so guilty of this myself, that’s why I’m happy to have the blog and the vlog, where I can give a fuller picture).
✂️ And finally, if you are Swedish speaking reader, I’m interviewed on the Swedish sewing podcast  Sy och Sprätta (Sew and Rip) about sewing activewear. And of course check out my ever expanding list of sewing podcasts.
Hope you all will have a great June!


  • PsychicSewerKathleen
    June 2, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Congratulations Johanna! I look forward to seeing your book 🙂 I’ve enjoyed following your work over the past year and always love to watch your videos. You’re an inspiration to us all.


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