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Next up: Sewing a workout t-shirt with zipper pocket

sewing workout t-shirt

Sewing a workout t-shirt with a zipper pocket, that’s what I’m making next as part of my workout wardrobe revamp project. I’ve come to the conclusion that I want pockets in pretty much all my activewear and since many of my older workout leggings and shorts have pockets that are too small to fit in the newer bigger cellphone models. Since I hate those sports armband thingies I end up putting my cellphone in all kind of weird places, such as inside my sports bra or between under my leggings waistband. So I need more garments with pockets. This is the first time I add a zippered pocket in the back of a top, but I’ve done the classic bike jersey back pocket before and that was really nice. But by adding a zipper I can also secure flimsy goods such as cards and keys if I’m out running and such. And I can also leave the zipper open if I just want to tuck in stuff when I’m doing low impact stuff like weight training.


The t-shirt has sheer panels, both for style and to help keep me cool. Both fabrics are from Stoff och Stil’s sports collection. Their fabrics are available in Sweden, Germany, Norway, UK and Denmark, so I highly recommend checking them out. Huge selection of fashion forward fabrics, plus a fantastic collection of organic cotton and wool fabrics.


So that’s what I’m working on next!


The t-shirt is part of a four piece workout wardrobe project, in this video I talk about all my plans for the project.


And if you want to see progress images on my previous garments you can check my Instagram; the top and the leggings.

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