Sewing cardigans / work in progress

Time to compete

Way back, even before I first began blogging in 2008, I was really into participating in online sewing competitions. I guess the competitions acted as a motivation, a chance to document the process and to show others what I had done. Looking back I think I stopped competing around the same time that I started blogging. Because blogging pretty much fulfilled the same needs. But I think all this sharing also led to a certain personal fatigue for me. Because though I love sharing and am not shy at all, I also felt a bit self conscious about being too much look at me and what I do all the time. Perhaps not an unusual feeling in these days with so many channels to show yourself and what you do.

But now that I unleashed the blogging beast again I’ve begun to feel really motivated to return to the sewing community and sharing and documenting my process. Which leads me back to the sewing competitions. Last week I browsed through the Pattern review competition list and found two that I feel really excited about – sewing with sweater knit and color blocking. The sweater knit competition starts in October and I have already picked out my project. The biggest challenge will be faking the ribbing. I have some leftover wool ribbing that I will probably use, not the exact same shade but will have to do as I try to adhere to my non shopping policy.

So well, that was a long winding way to say that I am back at competing and sharing and we’ll see how it goes!

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