Tips on how to sew mesh inserts

I love adding mesh inserts to my garments! Even more so than I thought, which I realized when I began looking through my archive for photos of projects with mesh inserts. Anyways, through trials and tribulations I’ve learnt a few tricks and tips when it comes to sewing mesh inserts. So here is a primer of how to sew mesh inserts on garments. Mesh inserts are great for areas where you transpire Placing them under the arms, in the back or behind the knees are great ways to utilize the breathing properties of mesh Softer mesh is usually¬†better for inserts If you are adding mesh to a knit garment, the mesh should have the same properties, i.e. being soft¬†and stretchy. For this silk jersey a soft mesh for the ruched sleeves was perfect, as it … Continue reading Tips on how to sew mesh inserts