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Print design Front 242
Print design Front 242 Headhunter

Know of the Belgian electronic mavens Front 242? They have been going strong since 1981 and has been dubbed fathers of Electronic Body Music (EBM). Although I have been a huge fan of electronic music since I first heard Depeche Mode and Yazoo in the early 80’s, I didn’t really fell for Front 242 back in the days, despite really digging songs like Headhunter and Quite Unusual. Instead I preferred their compatriots Neon Judgement. Fast forward many many years to when I met my boyfriend who is a huge fan of Front 242. He totally opened my eyes and I realized that the band has done loads of really amazing songs.

T-shirt Front 242

T-shirt Front 242 Headhunter

So how does this connect to the t-shirt designs above? Well their biggest hit Headhunter has a really suggestive refrain:

One you lock the target
Two you bait the line

Three you slowly spread the net

And four you catch the man

I got kind of obsessed with this 4-step plan and started to imagine different scenarios. So for my boyfriend’s birthday in 2007 I decided to design t-shirts for every step. The black one is obviously the first one, and the green one is the one I gave him this year. Two more to go!
Both are sewn by me using a brilliant t-shirt pattern from Burda (#7916).

The first design is a ink print transfer, that unfortunately has not stand the test of time in a satisfactory way (the transfer has peeled a bit).
The other is screen printed by me using the photo emulsion technique. I plan to write a tutorial on how to do screen printing at home in the future.

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  • Aline
    March 20, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    I would love to read about the T-Shirt printing!! My sister and I have these running gags that I would love to print on a T-shirt to gift her as a surprise…I need to find a way to do this myself at home.


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