Video: Creating a PDF Sewing Pattern Line

Curious about all the steps involved from taking a pattern drafted on paper and turn it into a finished pdf-pattern with multiple sizes? I personally find stories about how things are done to be super interesting, so in this video, I take you behind the scenes of the creation of my first ever garment sewing pattern (The Aila Leggings, coming Nov 14).

Oftentimes, looking in from the outside, things can either appear overly simple or overwhelmingly difficult. But as with most things, the process is not that mysterious once we see it explained. I would say it’s mostly a combination of grit, a willingness to try out new and learn things and being able to break down things into smaller, bite-sized chunks. The latter is important too as it can relieve some of the overwhelm that most of us can feel when entering a new territory, regardless of what the project is about.

In the last few years, I’ve taught myself video production, book design and publishing and now digital sewing pattern creation. All these have been very overwhelming at times, and I’ve felt both inadequate and anxious about it all.

But on the other hand, I’ve also had a massive personal growth from diving into these unknown territories and I feel like I’ve finally found my calling when it comes to combining my love for sewing with my professional background, and interest, in communications.

Anyways, back to the video. It’s basically a step by step guide on how to create digital pdf patterns when you are a small indie sewing company of one.

  • How to digitise a paper pattern
  • Creating a master pattern for commercial use
  • Using Adobe Illustrator for pattern making
  • Grading sewing patterns. Do it yourself vs hiring it out.
  • Formatting the pattern into a printable PDF
  • Creating the instructions (including photos vs illustrations)

Things mentioned in the video:

Pattern Making Essentials (video)

Interview with Malena Hjerpe, the patternmaker who helped me

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